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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Pope's Shaving Mirror

I love mirrors with Cherubs on the frames.  It doesn't really make sense though, because the last thing that makes your face look better is two beautiful, perfect, angelic faces framing your old crow's feet, gigantic pores, and red splotchy skin.  I need to create a mirror that has that Nutley tanning bed mom on each side.  Even first thing in the morning, I think I would look beautiful in comparison.
But until that beautiful dream becomes a reality.... here are two lovely cherub mirrors.  I imagine the Pope uses a similar mirror to brush his teeth and shave each morning.  Which one do you imagine the Pope would  use... and do you think I could sell him on a Tanning Mom Mirror? (that's being copyrighted as we speak - so don't get any ideas!)

This mirror is currently lised on E-bay for $41.95.  That's a bargain, since the last one that sold on e-bay sold for $75.  At any rate, it's French and it's Fabulous... and if you ask me, it's my kind of Junk!

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