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Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting To Know Me

I'm not French.  I may not be fabulous... and I'm certainly not junk.  My name is Amanda Townsend and I am a wife, mother, secretary, and part-time decorator.  I have an affinity for pre-loved, distressed, flagrantly French Decor.  I get most of my decorative items from yard sales, thrift stores, and e-bay. 
I have created this blog to share my ideas, design projects, and creative re-purposing of thrift store finds.  I don't consider myself green, per se... but if pink can be called the new green, then I'll let you call me green.  I do love items that have a history and a story.  Awesome textures, faded hues, and scratches in finishes are things that catch my eye.  It's a constant battle with my spouse, who prefers rustic, cabin decor... but I think I am like Charlie Sheen, "WINNING!!!"
I intend to share pictures of my own home on a regular basis.  My reason for doing this is two-fold.  One - is to inspire you to create beauty in your own home (even if it is by my standards).  Two- to inspire me to keep my house clean.  I am nothing, if not honest.  I love to decorate... I do NOT love to clean.  At some point in the near future I intend to hire a housekeeper.  I would also appreciate an assitant to help me complete the projects in a more timely fashion.  However, for the time being... consider yourself my assistant.  Your comments checking my progress will be answered and appreciated.  I will be posting my latest goodwill finds in the next few days.  I am selling things on e-bay - Fabulous French Junk. 

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  1. Nice to meet you Amanda, and thanks for your sweet visit. YES, tea lights under these would be adorable. I would check dollar tree for small round glass votives and how cute those would look lined up on a mantel.HMMMMM...I may have to do the same:)